Bread, pastries, cake…

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8-4pm
Saturday & Sunday 8-4pm
Everything can be ordered!
Call 01458 897100
[email protected]

Any day breads, cookies, pastries & cake*
White and granary organic sourdough
(XL Party loaf, Large, Medium, Small)
Croissants, pain aux chocolaté, pain au raisins…
Cake – Including gluten free and vegan options.

Wednesdays add…
100% rye organic stoneground sourdough

Stoneground, organic wholemeal

‘Earnesto’ – multi seed, multi grain, stoneground sourdough
Olive sticks

Sesame & Polenta
Stoneground wholemeal spelt
Scones most weekends

Any day ice-cream
Authentic soft Italian ice-cream from our own machine
Ice-cream milkshakes and vegan sorbet milkshakes

*Everything is available to order every day that we are open, but please give us 48 hours notice. Our pastries are a 3 day process from dough, through lamination to bake and are available on the counter every morning from 8 am. We also make vegan pastries at the weekend.

For our bread we use only organic flour, sea salt and water. The only additions to this are natural flavourings such as nuts, seeds, olives and grains for our speciality breads.